Just waiting…

17 Mar

I am getting SO restless waiting to go to med school in August. I’m running out of things to do! I’ve already read every blog and watched every video available online and still I have 150 days before I can go (yes, I even started a countdown).

Today, to curb my enthusiasm a little I went to go look at laptops at Best Buy. EVMS requires we have a laptop that’s not more than 2 years old (which is where mine was disqualified) along with a ton of other requirements. And before I knew it, looking at laptops turned into BUYING one! So today I have a new laptop but l still have 5 months before I actually have any use for it. Great.

I’m sure some other med student somewhere is DYING from the wait before we can head to school but I feel like nobody understands! I guess eventually I’ll just forget and time will go by faster. I’ll share when I get to that point…IF I get to that point, I should say.


Here we go…

12 Mar

Well, I’m creating this blog more than anything as a way to vent my own anxiety about medical school. I hope that maybe one day this blog can serve as 1) a handy way to look back on this journey and 2) a source of hope to future pre-med students (because I sure read a bunch!).

First a little about me. I’m 21 years old and just graduated in December from the University of South Florida with degrees in Biomedical Sciences and Psychology with a minor in American Sign Language (whew, what a moutful). I took the MCAT last September and got  a 29O. I then applied University of Virginia SOM, Virginia Commonwealth University SOM, and Eastern Virginia Medical School. I was rejected from both VCU and ODU without even an interview. I received the interview at EVMS in February, waitlisted in late February, and then accepted in early March. It went pretty fast.

Now I find myself in a strange position where I know that I’m going to medical school, which is a great feeling, but what do I do now?? I have a full-time job currently to make some money before school but I wish there was something I could do to prepare for this big change in my life. 

I googled it today and it seems like everybody is saying that we should “relax” and “take a trip”. I don’t want to hike through Europe, I WANT TO GET STARTED. Unfortunately for me, every single article I read said not to bother studying at all and to rest your brain. One even likened it to a high school kid studying for the MCAT (a concept all of us pre-med people can surely understand!).

I’m super excited and can’t wait to keep everyone posted!